About Us

Who we are:

We are currently comprised of youth ranging about 11-17 at local area schools in Santa Barbara.


Our philosophy:

To expose every member to many diverse activities and adventures while assisting them to develop respect for others and the outdoors, help them become more well-rounded individuals, build leadership skills, and become helpful giving people.


What we boys do:

We are boys! We choose our own trips – car camping, backpacking, biking (downhill and road), shooting, rockets, computer science, snowskiing, and more. We choose one or two longer trips each year, such as BSA summer camps (Lost Valley, Circle X, Whitsett, Emerald Bay), backpacking San Gorgonio, or camping at Joshua Tree or San Francisco. We like variety, but the constants are adventure, campfires, and hanging out with each other.


What we adults do:

We are the adults of Troop 2! We assure the boys have an opportunity to have fun in the Troop setting and time in this busy world of ours to be boys, but as importantly to grow boys to young men. Along the way they will learn about service to the Troop, Council, and Community. They will learn what it takes to plan and organize. They will have exposure to over 120 Merit Badges and the opportunity to grow from Scouts to Tenderfoots and to Eagle if they desire (we have averaged one Eagle Scout/year). We ensure they have a destination and that they enjoy the trip along the way. The Troop is financially stable and subsidizes the weeklong spring and summer break trips.


Contact Us:

We meet most Mondays at Trinity Lutheran Church (La Cumbre @ Foothill) from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.

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